Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sambal Belacan Shrimps with Onion, Egg, Cucumber and Peanut

This is one of my husband's favourite shrimp dish.  For him shrimps or prawns are either steam or fry with chili.  Whenever we ordered prawn/shrimp, then for sure he would say "chili prawn."

For this recipe, the shrimps are cooked with sambal belacan paste, with some lime juice and sugar added.  Served with hard boiled egg, sliced cucumber and peanuts, just like nasi lemak.

300g medium/large size shrimps, shelled and deveined
2 onions, sliced
3 tbsp sambal belacan paste (for recipe, click here)
1 tsp fresh lime juice
1/2 tbsp sugar
Salt to taste
2 tbsp cooking oil
2 hard boiled eggs, halved
Cucumber, sliced
toasted, unsalted peanuts
Serves 2

                                                               Sambal belacan paste

1. Heat cooking oil in a pan over medium heat.  Add in the onions and have a quick stir.  Add the sambal paste, lime juice and sugar and stir until fragrance.
2. Pour in the shrimps immediately and  cook for 1 to 2 minutes depending on the size of the shrimps.  Take care not to overcook the shrimps.  Season with salt.
3.  Serve immediately with plain rice, hard boiled eggs, cucumber and peanuts!  Or simply serve on a serving dish with plain rice and other Asian dish.

German Cheesecake with Mandarin Orange and Blueberry

I've made the basic German cheesecake many times now and always received good compliments from it.  For this cheesecake, I'm using the same recipe with mandarin orange segments added at the bottom of the filling and then garnish with blueberries on top of it.

Serving it with or without cream, this cake looks and tastes great!

For the recipe of the basic German cheesecake please click here.


85g butter, soften
1 1/3 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder

500g low fat quark
1 cup sugar
2 egg yolk
1 egg
3 tbsp melted butter
1 package vanilla sugar (about 2 tsp)
1 cup milk
1 package vanilla pudding mix (37g)
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice (about half of a lemon)
1 small can of mandarin orange segment, drained
300g blueberries to garnish
some icing sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 175C
2. Grease a 22 x 22cm baking tin with butter or oil.  Line with baking paper for easy removal, longer on both sides as shown on photo.
3. For crust, mix the butter and sugar until smooth.  Mix in 1 egg and follow by baking powder and flour.  Knead together until it form a dough.
4. place the dough on the tin in batches.  Then using fingers, press them evenly covering the bottom and the sides of the tin.
5. Lay some mandarin orange segment on the crust.

6. For filling, mix together quark, melted butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and the pudding mix in a large bowl until smooth.
7. Blend in egg yolk, egg, milk and lemon juice and mix well.
8. Pour the filling into the pan.  After knowing the level of the filling in the form, trim the dough at the sides evenly.  It is OK if the filling is a little bit over the dough.  For more photos and details please refer to the basic German cheesecake recipe here.

9. Bake in the middle rack for about an hour or until the filling no longer move when shake gently.
10. After baking for about 40 minutes, the filling will rise.  Don't worry, this is normal and it will fall when cooling down.
11. And finally leave the cake in the oven for 10 minutes after turning the oven off.
12. When the cake is completely cooled, garnish the top with blueberries and icing sugar.  Keep the cake in the refrigerator until serve.