Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day and Fasching

This photo shown on the left are little heart shape bath oil from me to Andrew and Angelica on Valentine's day.

I must mention that the florists here do not double or triple the prices of flowers or roses on this day.  I wonder how much does a rose cost nowadays in Malaysia on a Valentine's day?  RM5?  RM15? or RM30? 

My daughter, Angelica drew me some wonderful drawings for Valentine.  So many that I could just pick up one small piece of paper on the floor, to open and find her lovely drawings for me.  :-)   Of all her drawings, or messages, the one I love most is this :

She explained to me that the double lines are "plus".  So Angelica + Tina + Love.  How very sweet of my little princess!  I was so touched by this!

We didn't plan to eat out on this Valentine's day, and these were what I'd prepared  :

Roast chicken with sides, long beans wrapped with bacon, and roast pumpkin.  Served with mashed potato and gravy.

Dessert was this ice cream pudding.  That was my first attempt and was not so happy with the result.  I couldn't find chocolate roll at the supermarket, so I had chosen the marble cake instead.  It would look a lot prettier if it was all chocolate colour on the outer layer.

Inside was Vanilla ice cream with chopped pistachios and strawberries.  Do you see now why the outer layer should be in dark brown?
I will try making this pudding again with my own chocolate cake recipe for the outer layer.  And will post the recipe once I get it right!  :-)

More dessert?  Yes, strawberries dip with chocolate!  Delicious!

Next is about Fasching.  Fasching means carnival.  Angelica had her Fasching at the kindergarten today.  Everyone dressed up with costumes.  I had been busy making her coustume and had no time to blog.  Now I can relax, have a cup of coffee with my fresh baked Apple Strudel (recipe soon) while writing this post.  :-)  This year's Rosenmontag falls on 20.02.2012.  You can click on the words to learn more about the festival.   
The theme for this Fasching was "Winterwunderland" and Angelica wanted to be a penguin.  I couldnt find the right costume for her so I transformed her bat costume into a penguin and I did it. 
Though most of the parents didn't follow the teachers' Fasching theme (oops), the children had a good time playing games, eating some special prepared party foods and popping the ballons.  And I have one more costume to make....... luckily it's an easy one, a Ninja!

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