Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feel Good Trifle

I call it Feel Good Trifle because all the good stuffs are used and layered them just like the original trifle.  It would be great if I could have this for breakfast everyday.  But since mornings are always busy, having them in the afternoon or as a dessert is not bad either!

300g strawberry, 2/3 cut, 1/3 blended
3 kiwi, sliced
500g low fat plain yogurt (I used 0.1% fat)
4 slices rye/whole grain crispbread, broken into small pieces
8 tbsp honey
Makes 2 big wine glasses

To prepare:
1.  Arrange the kiwi for the bottom layer.  Then drop 1/4 of the broken crispbread on it.  I suggest you arrange the layer for both glasses before going to the next.
2.  Put 4 heaps tbsp of yogurt evenly on top of the crispbread and top with 2 tbsp of honey.  This may seems a lot of honey but with the sour plain yogurt, I think it is necessary to balance the taste.
3.  Now lay the strawberry evenly and follow by another 1/4 of the crispbread.
4.  Put all the remaining yogurt and top up with another 2 tbsp of honey.  Finally pour the blended strawberry juice on top.
5.  It tasted as good if you use mango, papaya, peach or blueberry.  :-)

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