Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fruits, Glorious Fruits - Strawberry!

Strawberry, this bright red beautiful fruit's season is here!  Traditionally June is the absolute strawberry month in Germany and the season will last until September.  It is said that each German eats an average of about 3kg of strawberries during the season.

While the strawberry season is in it's full swing, the asparagus season is coming to an end.  In the months of May and June there are many little stands, or stalls along the road or street selling just one or both of these seasonal harvest.  I normally buy my organic strawberry from Bioland during the weekly market, just to make sure we are not putting the good stuff and the bad stuff(pesticides) in our mouth at the same time...

These delicious red stuffs are very high in vitamin C.  With a serving of 152 grams, strawberries offer 149% of your daily vitamin C!  They are low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat.  High in fiber, potassium, folate and magnesium, they are anti-oxidant too!

So we waited no longer and went to the strawberry farm yesterday to have some fun.  
Let's have a look at some photos!


This was the second time we went strawberry picking at Erdbeerparadies Kraehenwinkel.  It was a nice and sunny day!

A little stand to get/buy a basket for 50 cents each and later after picking the strawberries to weight them and pay.  It cost 3 Euro per kg.


Some were there to 'pick and eat'......  :-)

                                                           So let's get started!

They are hiding under the leave.  Beautiful bright red yummy juicy strawberries!  Too bad all the strawberry fields open for visitors are not organic though...

Angelica took her sweet time searching for strawberries that are not too big nor too small, must be bright red and with perfect strawberry shape.  She even checked the bottom to make sure the whole strawberry is red.

And finally, our harvest!  We couldn't pick more as they can't be kept long.  That was almost 4 kg.  With that I'm gonna make a strawberry shortcake!  Hmmm, yumm!


  1. This year instead of going strawberry picking we planted a little garden of our own. Will be just enough for the grand kiddies. And so far so good, no chemicals added. Won't be enough to do jams will have to go picking for those ones, but the kids think it is pretty neat that Grandma has her own little patch for them to pick and eat.

    1. Hi Autism United, what else can be better than having homegrown fruits in your own garden right? I'm sure the kids really enjoy picking the strawberries planted by their grandma! :-)